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What you always wanted to know about the author .....

Name: anderl
Residence: United Kingdom
Email: info [ät] anderl punkt ws

anderl knows the following
programming languages

C, C++, Java, Python, PHP, Javascript, Assembly

anderl is further
competent with:
HTML, CSS, XML, SQL, VHDL, MPI, PVM, Bash,  Awk, egrep, LaTeX

anderl deals with the following
development tools :

Komodo, Visual C, JBuilder, Scite, Proton, Dreamweaver, KDevelop, Anjuta, GCC, Slickedit
anderl is very good in
handeling the following
operating systems:
Windows (98, ME, XP),
LINUX (SuSE, Ubuntu),
Mac OS (Leopard)